IT Projects and Consulting

909IT Solutions is a team of certified IT experts who can execute all your IT changes or Upgrade required by your business. We deliver your desired project on time, on budget and ensure your technology changes are planned and communicated.

Our Project Service Team can  deliver your project on time always whether it’s just Desktop Refresh or full cloud migration solution.

How we can help

Infrastructure Upgrades

Our Project Team evaluates your current IT operations and transform them into efficient and productive environment.


We help you on moving your current IT Infrastructure smoothly and ready for use at your new location with no issues at all.


We can provide you with periodic patching of your workstations, servers and various network devices so that all your system are UpToDate and safe from malicious attacks.


Our Security experts review your organization and give you Indepth report of the findings and the solutions that can be implemented to mitigate those found vulnerabilities. We foucs on protecting your data from internal/external threats.


Our Design & consulting services transform your business, decrease costs of operations, increase effectiveness and support you through the ever changing world of digital security and technology.



Whether you are looking to expand up on your current cloud functionality or want to migrate your business to the cloud from scratch, we have the technical skills, knowledge and years of experience to make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible with little to no effort on your end.


Are you thinking to turn your ideas to express themselves; If so, then we can be the right choice to turn your ideas into reality. We understand your business requirements & help you find the best solution for your business. We can also tailor a custom system to what you are looking for.

A diverse team of highly-experienced professionals with the skills and the passion to push the boundaries of market research and technology.

Why Choose 909 IT ?

Our experienced and professional client management teams are always on stand by and ready to help to ensure the smooth running of your IT infrastructure and the consistent delivery of high quality IT support.

Service Desk

We are an Australian Based IT-Service Desk that can help your organization with any IT requirements and enquiries.

Managed Security Services

From our collective experience throughout the years, we have developed a proactive service which will help protect your organization from various threats and

IT Security Audit

IT Security Audits are done free of cost for any organization that are under Enterprisevines umbrella.

Office 365

At Enterprisevines we take the complexity and difficulty out of deploying office 365 across you entire organization and enable you to efficiently while reducing the strain on your central IT infrastructure.

What We Provide?

Grow your business and
stay ahead of your competitors

Monitoring Portal

Centralize your IT monitoring to assure network performance and availability. Act proactively to any Incident resolutions.

Professional Services

Our Services is designed with confidence. Make your decisions with our professional services that matches your business requirements

Remote Assist

Our Services is available 24/7 for you assist your business and system running. We ready provide Secure and reliable remote connection to your door steps anytime anywhere.

Ready to take the next step?

We would love to learn more about your technology journey and tell you how we can help.

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